Mark Stevens’ Story

It has been my privilege and honor to serve as a Municipal Court Judge for Henderson since April, 2007. I currently serve as the Chief Judge of the Court. I approach my job every day with the determination to render justice in every case. I listen to all sides in a disputed matter and make all decision based on the merits of each position. I am dedicated to being impartial, open-minded and fair to every person that appears in my courtroom.

I took the initiative to establish the first fully functioning Veterans Court for Southern Nevada to make sure the men and women who serve our country are treated fairly in the legal system. It has been rewarding to know that Veterans Court has helped many of our returning soldiers to turn their life around to be productive members of our community. It is a worthy program that has been an asset to Henderson and Nevada.

I have had the opportunity to serve our community as both a Henderson Police Officer and a Deputy City Attorney in the Criminal Prosecution Division before I became a Judge. Both experiences taught me the high importance of maintaining integrity in our judicial system.

I began my public service by joining the United States Marine Corp in 1988. I served from 1988 until 1994, as a Captain, a Company Commander, and finally as a Judge Advocate Defense Attorney (JAG).

Upon leaving the Marines, I worked as a private attorney and a law enforcement training instructor from 1994-1997. I was thrilled to be accepted in 1997 to the Henderson Police Department and served as an officer from 1997 until 2001. In 2001, I decided to put my law degree back to work in the courtroom and joined the City of Henderson City Attorney’s office as a Deputy City Attorney working in the criminal prosecution division.

I have served as a Henderson Municipal Court Judge, spent 15 years in the courtroom before I became a Judge as member of the State Bar of Nevada since 1991. I am licensed to practice in Federal District Court, and am a member of the Clark County Bar Association and the United States Supreme Court Bar Association.

I believe my background as a current sitting Chief Judge of the Henderson Municipal Court, Past President of Nevada Judges of Limited Jurisdiction, a law enforcement officer, a proven trail lawyer with 15 years of experience, and a Marine JAG/Defense Attorney and company commander makes me uniquely qualified for my current position.

If you have any questions regarding my candidacy, please feel free to call me at (702) 558-8414. I look forward to talking to you about my campaign or see you at your door as I walk neighborhoods.